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Ask here your questions about Hyper Cache BUT after read the Hyper Cache page: that pages has a lot of information. If you need to asking for help sending piece of code or debug information that are too large for a comment, write me to info@satollo.net.

Of course, be clear when you leave a comment: add a good description of the problem, add the blog address on which you are experiencing problems (in the website field or in the comment text), use a valid email address in the email comment field, otherwise how can I help you???

My excuses for my bad english but it's the only way I have to communicate with you. Would you suggest a correction? Leave a comment, thank you!

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  1. How can I exclude parts of the page (such as JS, ads etx) that I don’t want cached?

    Polls, ads and some ajax functions stopped updating when I installed this plugin.

  2. Hi!

    First of all – this has been a great caching system so far and has been very useful to us for over a year.

    Lately, however, I’ve been noticing (through google webmaster tools) that the cached urls for /tag are adding a lot of weird and wrong information.

    For example, instead of /tag/jim-gibbons, it will show:


    This wrong information exists in the cached .dat files.

  3. Hi,

    One of our sites using hypercache keeps showing up with a cached google search applied to it, with someones search terms highlighted and the ‘You arrived here after searching for the following phrases:’ box at the top. I cant see it mentioned that anyone else has had this problem. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


  4. Question 1:
    Where can I find the changelog for 2.7.7 and 2.7.8 and 2.7.9?

    Question 2:
    I’m using the “Strip query string” option but I noticed this will also cache the standard WordPress shortlinks like:


    as one page. Is it possible to disable the “Strip query string” option for some parameters?

  5. is there a way to ‘preload’ all your wp pages into hyper cache?

    I would like to delete the cache and then have it re-cache all my pages so I don’t have to waste server resources waiting for users to view the page first instead of a cached page.


  6. Love Hyper Cache but have run into an issue when also using WPtouch Pro. I can’t get it two switch between Desktop and Mobile version. According to their tech-heads.

    ‘Looks like somewhere along the way with an update to Hyper Cache something changed and the switch link in WPtouch Pro doesn’t function as it should even when telling it to ignore mobile user agents because a few versions back Hyper cache 2.3.3 seems to work fine. You may want to check with them to see what changed and if they can release an update to remedy the issue, because it’s not in WPtouch Pro.’

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Hello,

    I am still confused with cache page timeout settings. I get 4500 pages in cache when using default 1440 as timeout. My server has 4 GB space.

    Is it ok to keep 4500 files on cache or should I decrease the timeout?

    Please help me anyone.

  8. Okay, I finally found the support forum. ;) Sorry for trying to get a response elsewhere.

    I can’t get the compression to work. If I turn it on the site becomes “unavailable”. I contacted my provider to ask what services they run on their Apache and the said that they run ‘gzip’ and ‘deflate’.

    It seems to work for others. Why not for me? Any ideas?


  9. Hello

    How do I know this is working? I have installed it edited the wp-config.php etc

    I have put 9 posts in but Files in cache (valid and expired) is only reading 2.

    I have refreshed page and it is still showing 2 yet there are 9 posts.

    Thanks all

  10. Hi..

    I love the hyper cache plugin but almost everytime i reload the page a new timestamp i generated.

    I have checked Disable cache for commenters, and only modified posts. but even if there is no comments or a modified post there is a new cache timestamp ?

    Please help


  11. Hi,

    By deafult, Hype Cache is set to run ‘hourly’ and initiate wp-cron for ‘cleaning process’. It’s causing a lot of bandwidth (GPUs) on media temple grid server.

    Can you please advise, how to reduce the wp-cron hits by Hype cache?

    This will help all Media Temple Grid Service accounts.



  12. Hi,
    Is there any way to change the cache folder path.
    We have the wordpress installation on NFS file system.
    WOuld like to have the cache directory locally on the server.
    Please advise.

    thanks for your help in advance,

  13. Hi.

    I have a strange situation here testing the plugin.

    advanced-cache.php is created.
    /plugins/hyper-cache/cache folder is created and already has cache files inside.

    There’s no warning in settings page, but…

    After loading the page in a clean browser I can’t see the signature in the html file.

    get_num_queries shows me that wordpress is still accessing the DB.

    Another odd thing. In advanced-cache.php is written $hyper_cache_timeout = 86400; when I have 1440 as timeout in my settings.

    Any idea?

  14. sorry for the double post, I’d posted this comment on your main page before noticing this “support” page.

    I downloaded and installed hyper cache (2.7.6) about a week or so ago and it seems to run great. Then just tonight, I had this message pop up.

    “Your wp-content folder is not writable. Hyper Cache needs to create a file called advanced-cache.php in to that folder in order to work. Make it writable and deactivate and reactivate Hyper Cache.”

    Any ideas what the cause may be? Is this a legitimate problem?

    Thanks much,


  15. hey Stefano,

    there’s a major issue when someone defines a custom wp-content dir with the ‘WP_CONTENT_DIR’ constant in wp-config.php.

    You should never hard-code that folder and use the ‘WP_CONTENT_DIR’ constant instead.

    Basically, instead of:
    ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/etc’

    ‘WP_CONTENT_DIR’ . ‘/etc’

    I’ll try to manually fix this myself in the source and see if the plugin works with a custom wp install. But it will be good if you can also fix that in future releases of the plugin.

    PS: Same issue about the plugin dir, just use ‘WP_PLUGIN_DIR’.


  16. Hey ho,

    since one of the last plugin updates the following date appears in the plugin settings:
    Cleaning process
    Next run on: 1. January 1970 02:00

    It seems that the cleaning process has stranded in the 70ies and doesn´t work anymore.

    This happens unfortunately on different web servers and different WordPress Version 2.9 – 3.0.1

  17. Hello,
    I really appreciate this plugin. It’s really helping my website’s performace.

    But there is one small bug that breaks my RSS feed everytime I update this plugin.

    At the bottom of the cache.php file, after the closing php script tag ( ?> ), there are 2 carriage returns. These carriage returns cause extra HTML characters to render before WordPress is ready for them. This will cause RSS feed to stop working.

    I have gone in an made these changes just to make my website work. Fore the sake of others who are downloading this plugin, can these carrage returns be removed from the original source code?

    Thank you and Kudos!

  18. I just upgraded to 2.7.5 and it doesn’t work so I put back the previous version which works fine. After upgrading it gave an error that it couldn’t create a cache folder and to change permissions to 777. After doing this the error stopped but there was no caching.

    1. Hi Adam: For all that people who say that in spite of giving all the permissions of writing to WP folders, Hyper Cache follows without working, I discovered that this happens because the encode of
      character set in the server is different from which we have in WordPress.
      In order to solve that, it is necessary to use the same codification of character set that we
      have in WordPress (in reading options, utf-8 for example) and to modify the following line in
      our config.ini: default_charset= ” utf-8″
      (that file it must be in our folder public_html. If is not there, it is good for asking to webhost supplier for
      this file ).

      If you have not access to this file, try to change the your WordPress character set (in reading options) from utf-8 to ISO 8859-1 to see what happens. It works for me.

      Best regards.

  19. Hello

    Excellent plugin thank you :)

    I have tried to install your plugin with WPMU 2.9.2 but will only work if it place it in /plugins rather than /mu-plugins.

    I can get the plugin to load with MU if I then copy plugin.php to the root of /mu-plugins but then it complains it cant create the cache folder though it has permissions.

    Is it possible to get this working with WPMU as when I install it to /plugins I then have to configure the settings on each of my blogs and I have about 45!



  20. Hi,
    And thanks again (I posted my french translation on comments on the main page) for your plugin, witch makes my blog faster..!

    I have just a question : is there a problem between Hyper Cache and the plugin Bad Behavior (anti-spam) ?
    They seem to work together withaout errors, but I receive since txo days, when I install Hyper Cache, more spams than before, I think… Do you think it’s possible ?

    Thank you and regards !

  21. Hello, i installed this plugin and now it wont let my authors login it says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” How can i solve this as everyting was fine before i installed the plugin. This plugin is very handy and i would like to solve the issue rather than disable it.


  22. I love this plugin for the fact it allows you to set what invalidation mode you want.

    But i have a problem. Periodically, I get a string of php errors and my server load goes way up…eventually i have to restart http/mysql.

    Here’s an example of the errors:

    [Mon Sep 06 10:52:29 2010] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function apply_filters() in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hyper-cache/cache.php on line 229

    [Mon Sep 06 10:52:28 2010] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function apply_filters() in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hyper-cache/cache.php on line 229

  23. Thank you for developing this amazing plugin. It is very simple to install and really speeds up my website. Load time went from 9 seconds on a 2mbit connection to 2 seconds!

    However, one major disappointment is that the ads on my site stopped working correctly. I work with the ad plugin called Adrotate


    Pages are cached so the ads do not counts, at the end of the day only 200 views are displayed instead of 6.000 views.

    It is not only adrotate, this plugin also does not work with OpenX and other major ad platforms.

    Is there anyway around this? Or a way to fix this?

  24. Hi, I like your plugin very much because of its light weight comparing to other cache plugins.

    It works very well until today… After installing Absolute Privacy plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/absolute-privacy/), it stops producing cache pages for those who logged in as Subscribers.

    So I can image, from now on, new posts will never be cached because everyone must log in to read these posts.

    I understand that Hyper Cache will pass through if I am logged in as Administrator. But for Subscribers, wouldn’t it be nice to serve cache pages to them as well?

    Or maybe I messed up some configurations? Please help.

    Thanks a lot!

  25. Hi,
    just as you said…

    *This page has just been moved from satollo.com and need a bit of reorganization. Be patience.

    ..correct would be:
    and “needs” a bit of reorganization.
    Be patient please.

    now for the tecnical aspect.
    Would it make sens to ask for a “chronometer counter” somewhere on a page to measure the loading speed of page with and without Cache activated ?
    Thanks for your expertize.

  26. Ciao Stefano,
    I’m using your plugin on the blog. It seems perfect.
    Unfotunately sometimes happens something strange and I don’t know if it related to your plugin or whatelse.

    When I click on a post and then I click on onother one the page url changes but the content remains the same.

    If I refresh the new page more than one time I can see the right content.

    Do you think it’s a problem related to your plugin? Did you never heard something like this?

    Thank you in advance,


    Se avessi scritto in italiano avrei fatto prima! :-)

  27. I have a problem when using HyperCache and external pages that I integrated with WP 3.0. Firefox says the website is using an unsupported type of compression/encoding, and will never load the page. Other browsers can not load it either.

    The problem only happens when ALL 3 of the following are true:

    1. I’m logged into the blog.
    2. Compression option is ON in HyperCache options.
    3. It only affects my pages outside of wordpress, using wordpress integration.

    The affected pages are regular PHP pages, but integrated with WP using following code:


    I don’t use require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’) because of the 404 problem described here, http://www.adrogen.com/blog/wordpress-wp-blog-headerphp-causes-404-in-ie/ .

    I think I know why it has the problem — probably because my custom pages are outputting HTML before WP is loaded. Very likely, I have an output buffer problem.

    But the question is: why does it affect when I am logged in? I thought that when logging in, HyperCache is not supposed to do anything. In my case, it is the opposite: if I am logged out, then all pages work and are cached perfectly. When logged in, it is broken.

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Hello. I like Hyper Cache very much, and thanks for your work!
    But it seems that when I want to use the plugin in new wordpress 3.0, the program crashes at once! :-(
    Can your please check and fix the bug?

  29. Hello,

    I installed Hyper Cache, and it s look a bit faster. Thanks
    But when i check the folders in the server, I don t have any /wp-content/hyper-cache.
    And there are no gzip compression files.
    But the code source of the pages still show the

    Also it seems that all the cached pages are stored in /wp-content/plugins/hyper-cache/cache/

    What s wrong Doctor?

  30. Hi Stefano,
    I really love your plugin and I use it on all my website.
    On the biggest one (that I have on a different server) it seems that is not working:
    pages are cached ok but the cache doesn’t rebuilt itself on a new post (or comment).
    I also get
    Total requests handled 1
    all the time.
    any idea?
    Thank you

  31. Hi this plugin is working with scheduled post?

    or how I could clean the index page of the cache when the scheduled post is published?

    Regards, Francisco

    …hyper cache is amazing with the performance but I got that problem…

  32. Hi,

    I followed your steps and installed Hyper-Cache on cooo.net.
    The control panel shows that is has cache 525 files, but when I log out/clean cookies I don’t see static page; it is still dynamic pages served bt PHP.

    Could you advise what could be the problem?
    Thank you.

  33. hi,nice plugin.
    but it still get something wrong when i use both did you past math and wp-postviews. how to register a filter(according to Technical notes) to stop hyper cache in these two plugins(did you past math, wp-postviews).thanks.

  34. Ciao Stefano,

    Hyper Cache is great! but I wonder if it’s possible to cache GET queries (?somevars) and at the same time skip the cache with a specific query (ex: ?nocache)

    As I can see from the Hyper Cache page, now you can skip cache only by URI patterns.


  35. My cache is setup on “Only Modified Posts”, and I checked “Invalidate Home, Archives, Categories on single post invalidation”, but that didn’t do the trick for me: I added a link to my blogroll, and I wanted the front page to be refreshed right away, so I had to edit a post. I did, but the blogroll widget on the front page didn’t get refreshed. Had to wipe the cache. Not sure why this is. Maybe a “Refresh front page” button would be great for this?

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