Newsletter Pro on WordPress Plugin Directory: It Is Not Mine

Today, October 2, 2012, a plugin named Newsletter Pro has been submitted to the WordPress Plugin Directory. By the way WordPress works, every user with a Newsletter Pro version installed will be prompted to update to a 3.1.9 version.

Who upgrade will loose its original Newsletter Pro version, since my plugin can be upgraded only downloading it from my site.

Thank you to the author of that Newsletter Pro plugin, surely he never thought about that, right?

Thank you to all who want to share this and help me on avoid that disaster!

My excuses for my bad english but it's the only way I have to communicate with you. Would you suggest a correction? Leave a comment, thank you!

22 thoughts on “Newsletter Pro on WordPress Plugin Directory: It Is Not Mine

  1. Anonymous

    Stefano, I am unable to get rid of the eNewsletter crap from when I upgraded through WordPress. I deactivated the plugin, then replaced the Newsletter Pro folder with a clean copy. But for some reason when I activate the Newsletter Pro Plugin I get thrown back into the old eNewsletter version. What am I missing?

    1. Stefano Post author

      What is eNewsletter? It is not the plugin which conflict with newsletter pro. Please, delete the newsletter-pro folder and verify that no other newsletter plugin appears in you blog.

      Then reinstall newsletter pro and activate it. Write me to for further problem since I don’t read comments regularly.

  2. baljit


    I am having one issue with newsletter. i have Newsletter pro and trying to add {unsubscription_url} in newsletter. It automatically adds main url of website infront of it when I saves the newsletter email. and it doesnot redirect to proper unsubscription link. Please provide suggestions or solutiions..Thanks

  3. Dan+Primaru

    What is happening to us, the ones who made the upgrade? i made a request to my hosting company to give me the website archived a week ago, but i had no luck, should i request the files before october 2?

  4. Anonymous

    hello stephano, I Downlaod the newsletter Pro after try the standard one.

    In the standard one , we can create newsletter by implementing post. I love this but can we do the same with the Pro version.

    Maybe I forgot to read something here and it’s the case send me the link . If not . Standard version is better that Pro :-)

    I am looking for to hear you.

    1. Stefano Post author

      Which pro version did you download. There is no free-available pro version, the onw on wordpress directory is not mine (and it’s creating a lot of problems to me…).

      1. Anonymous

        Hello Stefano,

        Well , I confuse because I think I installed newsletter Pro from WordPress directory . Not Yours and then desinstalled and install yours. And not I have the same core as your with news featured.

        I am fine for this .

        However I am looking to customize my template for email newsletter which folder is it (where are default templates )


    1. Stefano Post author

      No subscriber has been lost. Reinstall my pro version and all will return fine. You should have a my message with a link to download directly my pro version.

  5. Joris

    Thanks for the quick update :) Saved us a lot of trouble.

    BTW, your English is not that bad actually :)
    It perfectly made clear what is going on and what the solution for the problem is, so we know what to do. Good job!

  6. Stefano Post author

    Hi all, actually the plugin (the other…) is suspended. I’ll release a quick fix so the newsletter pro installation won’t be considered by WordPress while checking for updates.

    I should pay more attention to that, but usually we believe in honesty.

  7. EnigmaWeb

    This is really bad luck Stefano. Let me know anything I can do to help. (I am a fellow plugin developer).

    Out of interest, how does your Newsletter Pro notify users of updates? Is it possible for you to override the repository update notification by sending an upgrade notice to active users of Newsletter Pro?

    1. Stefano Post author

      I usually notify of new important version with an email and even customers with expired contracts are supplied with latest version when it solved bug.

      The is no really way to change the notification system of wordpress, or at least there is not a best practice (of course that system should be as secure as possible).

      But there is a patch that should be enough to block notification like the one experiences on newsletter pro… btw, every plugin not on wordpress repository suffer of the same identical problem and even… themes I suspect (griiinnnnnn -> this is a seriuos alarm!).


    I just posted in the support part of the “fake” nl pro not to upgrade. Crazy people…. Can you have it removed or have it’s name changed? Stop the upgrade message? I was confused at first but decided to check your site first. Not everybody will do so I guess.

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