Giveaway is an incredible simple and useful plugin for everyone who run giveaways on their blog. Giveaways are used to get new visitors to the site and usually are made asking the readers to comment a post.

Please use the support forum to ask questions.

At the giveaway end comments are closed and a reader is randomly extracted. Giveaway plugins does exactly that: extracts the winner.

How are giveaway posts identify?

You can specify a tag you give to giveaway posts, the default is… giveaway!

How about more than one comment per reader?

Even if Giveaway cannot stop cheaters, it try to remove duplicates.

Here a screenshot of the admin panel where you can see the winner just extracted, the post selection, the tag configuration and a list of reader who have commented the chosen post.

6 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. Hello,

    First of all, i love your awesome plugin.

    I have a little problem with it. Like the topic title the “thank you email to participants” doesn’t working. I have people entered the contest with name, adress and website but no email received. Tried to comment under another name, email, tried 3 times, and no thank you email received.

    If i put the title, body on Mass email to participants and hit SEND, everyone entered to contest gets the email.

    How can we fix the problem with thank you email? I like this awesome option to send an email only to the person who write a comment, not tu everybody entered allready.


    My website is
    Support wordpress thread

    1. Fixed on new version, it was ported from the pro version but with an error. I even setup a new forum just for Giveaway plugin support on forums area.

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