Postcards is a totally new plugin that transforms a WordPress gallery in a postcards system. Simply activating it, every post with a gallery will be transformed such that thumbnails will have a link “send as postcard”. That will bring up a window where user can compile a postcard and send it to friends.



Postcards is available on WordPress Plugin Directory.

Discussions and help about this plugin on Postcards Help page. Versions history and other articles about Postcards can be found here.

Postcards Extras

Postcards can be extended with some extra features finalized to create more and more traffic on your blog or to monetizing the cards them self.

  • cards enriched with last posts from your blog (spread your content!)
  • cards enriched with related post list of the post the card was sent
  • random ads on affiliate link configurable
  • globally enabled and ability to disable at post/page level
  • globally disabled and ability to selective enable
  • one year of free upgrades
  • author is open to requests to be implemented

To install, just open the archive and copy the “postcards-extras” folder in your blog plugin folder. When installed the Postcards option panel shows up new options.

Postcards Extras can be downloaded from download area (for members).

32 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. P.S. This would make a nice “fix” for the linked image problem, of the big image going behind the web site:

    granades (dot) com (slash) mint (slash) pepper (slash) orderedlist (slash) downloads (slash) download.php?file=http%3A(slash) (slash) granades(dot)com(slash) downloads(slash)

    Except that it also turns the “send e-card” link into a blank “zoom”.

    Maybe you could incorporate it and keep the “send ecard” links working properly?

  2. It looks ok in Firefox, but it looks very different in Internet Explorer 8, where the link to send the image as an ecard is very far below each image. It’s over a half an inch away. It looks like a mistake.

    And leaving the page all the time to view the larger image is not good.

    This could be nice plugin with some basic fixups.

  3. By default, when uploading pics to a WordPress page to make an image gallery, WordPress automatically LINKS each image to its original large image in the WordPress MEDIA library.

    Therefore, if you are trying to set up greeting cards with this plugin — the first thing people tend to do is CLICK on the image, to open up the card they want to send. So, then, if they click on the image in this page where the gallery is turned into postcards by this program, that image is STILL attached to the media file in the WordPress library, and the media file image pops up bringing the person to a BLANK page with the image on it.

    Then, you have to BACK OUT and think for a minute. Then you try clicking the LINK under the image, and ok, that works. But this is not a great user experience, thanks to WordPress’s default link attachment on all the images when you upload images in a group.

    I would strongly suggest, PLEASE, for user functionality and aesthetics, could this POSTCARDS plugin please automatically ELIMINATE WordPress’s AUTOMATIC MEDIA LINKS on the gallery images that are turned into postcards.

    Even better, could POSTCARDS be set up so that WHETHER you click on the image (thumbnail) or the link under it, the POSTCARD FORM you want to fill out will pop up.

    Thank you.

    1. Update: A better idea. Since many people will WANT their visitors to preview the FULL-SIZE image, which is attached to the postcard thumbnails automatically in the Media Library — please consider revising POSTCARDS so that when a visitor clicks on a THUMBNAIL (which is a natural response), the larger linked image POPS UP IN FRONT of the web page.

      The reason for this is that I put the cards on a web page which has videos on it.

      EVERY time a visitor clicks on the thumbnail image — hoping to see a larger preview — the page vanishes and the LARGE image is there floating in space with no page.

      If the visitor does not get lost as a result, and he does click the BACK button to return to the page, ALL the VIDEOS have to LOAD AGAIN, and so do all the e-cards in the whole gallery!

      This is not a good situation. If the larger image POPPED UP IN FRONT of the page, so the visitor doesn’t leave the page, and can browse all the cards easily by clicking to see the BIG image pop up as a preview, the whole user experience is cleaner, and better for the page designer, too.

      Thank you.

  4. Well, the two cards I sent to myself on December 12th arrived today. WITH NO CARD attached! Both had an ERROR page instead:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /home/audentes/public_html/cdt-wp/viewcard/fws5GO was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    There are no settings on the plugin which one can use to set up this missing page!

    And no instructions!

    No wonder this plugin ends up with a one-star rating. It’s a MESS and it can’t be used, and the author ignores all pleas for help.

    I’ve posted a SUGGESTION in the WordPress forums that people like this plugin author should be BARRED for not answering, and for not providing relevant instructions IN ENGLISH. They waste a lot of peoples’ time and effort for nothing.

    This guy deserves MINUS stars! Less than zero!

  5. I have bad news: the POSTCARDS plugin looks good, but doesn’t work, and the author (Satollo) will not answer posts or email.

    I’ve sent myself several cards to different email addresses, they never arrive.

  6. wp-greet didn’t work for me. IT REQUIRES TWO PLUGINS. I couldn’t get either one to work, never mind get them to work together.

    I prefer this Postcards plugin, it just needs a little explanation so people aren’t lost looking for shortcode. I give it 4 stars; you’ll get another half-star when my test card arrives, and another when there’s a postaqe stamp.

    Thanks! : )

    1. Kathleen Moore,
      Like you I am looking for an ecard plug that works. It should display the cards in columns. Thirdly, I want to charge 99cents per ecard mailed.

      I am desperate for assistance in making this happen. Let me know if you can help


  7. wp-greet didn’t work for me. I couldn’t get either one to work, never mind get them to work together.

    I prefer this Postcards plugin, it just needs a little explanation so people aren’t lost looking for shortcode. I give it 4 stars; you’ll get another half-star when my test card arrives, and another when there’s a postaqe stamp.

    Thanks! : )

  8. Hello. I was able to get the postcards to show up. (1) I installed the postcard plugin. (2) I had to make a PAGE, and insert an image gallery into the page, and save the page. The image gallery thumbs all show up on the page with a simple postcard link under each one. You click on that link and a window pops up where you fill out a postcard to send it. Looks quite nice. I will use it this year for Christmas, thank you.

    Meanwhile, may I offer two suggestions:

    (A) the blank postcard should be larger; I tried to change the width to 800 px in the edit window of the plugin, but it has no effect.

    (B) I would really really really like to see a place for a postage stamp! Could just move down the e-card image and insert a field above it with the stamp. What a nice e-card that would be. I have a remotely hosted e-card site at with a zillion stamps to choose from – I like them even better than the cards.

    I would like to use at lease one stamp in wordpress, my choice of size, because sometimes I use a stamp alone, and sometimes a stamp with a cancellation mark, which is bigger than a stamp.

    Thank you for the e-card system. Maybe add little explanation so people can figure it out quicker.

    P.S. How long does it take a card to arrive? I sent myself two test cards over an hour ago, they haven’t arrived yet.

  9. Hi Chitaranjan Thoudam,

    I noticed your test-greeting-page for postcards, but I don’t know what |i need to do the get the same results as you page.
    Please forgive me I’m a wordpress beginner.
    Far a know I have installed Cleaner Gallery and the postcard gallery but after that I don’t know how to get the final results.
    I would appreciate some detailed instruction.
    Much appreciated and besty rtegards

  10. I tried all above instructions but no luck with the plugin. Would be possible to have details instructions how to get this plugin working?
    Many thanks in advance Tony.
    PS. Is there any way where we can download the Postcards Extra?

      1. Hi Chitaranjan Thoudam,

        I have visited your postcards test-greeting-page postcards, and that’s what I want to setup on my wordpress page.But I don’t know what I need to do to get the same results as your page.
        Please forgive me I’m totally a wordpress beginner.
        So far what I have installed in wordpress is Cleaner Gallery and the postcard plugins, but after that I don’t know how to get the final results.
        I would appreciate some detailed instruction.
        Much appreciated in anticipation and best regards.

        1. Hi,

          Please find the attached screenshot for Cleaner gallery setting. You have check the box to load the java-script, this will enable you work postcard smoothly.

          1. Create a post
          2. Add all your images which you want to enable to send as postcard (do not insert into post, just attached to the post)
          3. Add Cleaner Gallery short-code [gallery] to the body of the post.

          Just publish and see, hope this works for you.

          1. Hi Chitaranjan many thanks for the help but still I can’t get the page working. I think my main problem is that I can’t find the solution how to ATTACH THE IMAGES IN THE POST, while and is quite possible that I’m INSERTING THEM, because I don’t know how to ATTACH THEM. please visit thsi page

    1. how do you know its great if you can’t get it to work?
      Besides, you don’t have to do anything, just activate it and then navigate to one of your image galleries. the links to send are inserted automatically there…

  11. Hi, I like to buy a membership participation to use your Postcard Pro, but I like to test free version first. How I can install that, because I install plugin on my WP then configure in admin panel. And now? how I convert a page with my cards on a postcard send page?
    Many thanks

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