101 Way to Improve Your Small Business (Free eBook)

There a lot lot of free and non free guides on the net, explaining how you can improve your business (and become rich…). Many of them are long text with a number of stories or a set of shiny slides with no real step-by-step way to improve our activities.

I was informed of a new free e-book (I read them all) some days ago. An e-book a little different from other because it cover online and offline business improvements. Offline actions can be very effective (not for all businesses), but how many times you thought about them?

101 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Marketing is a 101 mini actions list. You can read it quickly, choose a set of them and try to develop them one by one. It’s interesting not only because you’ll find a number of offline ideas, but with this small steps you can concentrate on them and see what happens to your business.

To get this free e-book, visit Small Business Marketing.

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