A Support Forum? But Which Forum Script?

I have to admit my experience with forum (PHP) packages is very very limited. I’m considering the installation of a forum to move discussion about my plugin (like the ultra commented Newsletter) in a forum.

I know there is myBB and phpBB and they are widely used. Are they so good? There are other solution may be lighter or which integrate with WordPress?

Any idea is welcome!

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I’d say you use a MyBB Forum cause it does work well with many Open Source Softwares. Also there are quite a bit of Plugins available.

I’ve tested Vanilla and somehow I can’t say I would recommend it.Sorry Guys – don’t beat me up because of that Statement, yet it’s my Opinion ;-)

You may want to give FluxBB a try as well.

We just started using the “Mingle Forum” plug-in – for my test it strikes a good balance between feaure set and complexity. I cannot yet comment on how well it works with heavy workload.

The one downside (may lie in the nature of plug-ins for forums) is that in terms of layout/themes either some work may have to be done or the fact be accepted that the visual integration is not 100% perfect.

Yep, please use Vanilla. Right now it’s no doubt the best match for WordPress. A Vanilla developer is actually going to be speaking at WordCamp early this March.

The bbPress plugin is coming along nicely, but there’s no telling when it will be stable (I’m guessing mid-2011). It shouldn’t take long until there’s a Vanilla->bbPress converter available if you want to go 100% native — since it’s CPT-based it shouldn’t be hard to make it work with Hyper Cache. That said, by itself the bbPress plugin will probably never be faster than Vanilla.

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