April 2011 Update

The last months have been really really complicated and, as some of you may noticed, I have been almost absent from my blog. Now it’s 0:24 am, my wife is watching a TV talk show where they are discussing about Near Death Experiences and I’m writing the version 2.5 of Newsletter plugin free version.

Newsletter 2.5.0 is working on this blog right now, if you want to try to subscribe, and is directly derived from Pro version 2.5.0. There are so many changes that more than one will hate me after the upgrade.

If someone wants the 2.5.0 version before it’s official commit on WordPress Plugin Directory:

[download id=”46″]

and write to of any issue. To update, simply deactivate the older version, replace with new version and reactivate.

Your report, even if completely positive is very important.

The major change is the automatic delivery that is now part of free version, I think it will make happy many newsletter users, but there will be some drawbacks with cheap hosting providers.


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