Using SMTP with WordPress

I was asked to change my plugins so they can send email with SMTP than the internal PHP mail() function. So I patched them all to use the mailing function of WordPress (which use PHP mail() by default).

WordPress mailing method can be modified installing one fo the many plugins which configure it to use and external SMTP server.


Comment Notifier 2.1.5

This new version has a patch to rightly manage the condition when a logged in user is leaving a comment setting to be notified of news comment on a specific post. This patch solves a 500 error someone is experiencing and let logged in user to be notified.

Google Friend Connect

On the sidebar you find Google Friend Connect. I’m not really undestanding if such kind of connection are useful or not, but if you want to connect that way, you’re welcome! None of you know of sources about those kind of connection and their value?

Post Layout 2.1.0

Today I released the version 2.0.9 with some fixes but with a really weird bug. The verison 2.1.0 fix it and contains a number of security fixes. If you updated to version 2.0.9 surely you have experienced big problems in savin posts due to an old piece of code I Read more…

Comment Notifier 2.1.1

I have just committed the version 2.1.1 of Comment Notifier. A lot of changes have been introduced, so I except one or more bugs to be found.

Things changed are:

  • Now the plugin use the wp_mail() function, so if you want to send mail via SMTP you can istall one of the plugin which let WordPress to use an SMTP service. wp_mail() function is buggy and some documented features I was using did not work… so it take a lot of time to convert to a different usage of that function.
  • Security checks have been added, thank you very much to Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)
  • Unsubscription process has been improved with a “destination page”
  • Admin panel layout has been changed to be more clear