Hyper Cache version 2.3.2

A quick release to solve the problem of the admin panel showing “blank”. Where is the mistery (on my blogs it works…). I’m used to program PHP script with short tags, but not alla hosting platform accept them and so… wrongly I inserted a PHP short tag in the admin Read more…

Love cards with eCards plugin

It is not the right time of the year, Saint Valentine is far away. But a love message has no time, every day can be the right moment to send a love message.

Using eCards plugin, in this post I show how to setup a very simple page where reader can sends e-cards with love as a theme. Can you do the same? Yes, it’s incredible easy.


Hyper Cache Help

Ask here your questions about Hyper Cache BUT after read the Hyper Cache page: that pages has a lot of information. If you need to asking for help sending piece of code or debug information that are too large for a comment, write me to info@satollo.net. Of course, be clear Read more…

WordPress and PHP magic quotes: you want to run me crazy!

Not understanding how WordPress manages the magic quotes of PHP (PHP is no more supporting magic quotes gpc from version 6, and when this version will be released we see a lot of sites hacked…) I followed the WordPress startup code.

The code is all in wp-settings.php. These my conclusions:

  • $_REQUEST is redefined as a pure merge of $_GET and $_POST and can have or not magic quotes, to use it you need to check the “magic_quote_gpc()” function
  • $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE and $_SERVER arrays are forced with escaped values so to have the real values you need to strip the slashes