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Hello, thanks for such a good plugin!

I have one question though..

I created a page titled ‘Comment Unsubscribe’, and a template for that page: ‘page-comment-unsubscribe.php’. And set that page url as the ‘Unsubscription page URL’, i.e. When someone clicks the Unsubscribe link in the email they receive from your plugin, and they are taken to my page, in my template code how can I capture/know which post the user had subscribed to? I would like to display my own message that says something like “You will no longer receive comments to Post X.” How can I get the $post->ID of the post they commented on in my template file?



Hi, your plugin is excellent!

I think can improve if the check button works to unsuscribe too:

If I subscribe to a thread I think that if I put a second comment without the subscription check box active I must not recive future comments.


It wouldn’t be a good choice because a user may forget to check the flag and unsubscribe when he don’t want to unsubscribe. And since the plugin does not work with logged in users it’s not possible to know if who is commenting is already subscribed to show the correct check status.

A list of email has no sense for comment notifier since emails collected must be connected to a post. But if you want to link some emails to a post you should add the to them comment notifier table, the structure is very simple.

Hi Stefano,
Thank you for your prompt reply.

The objective is that all users to be added, receive notifications everytime a user submit a comment.

As a result, I tried what you suggested using Cpanel but don’t know what to enter in the”‘token” field. Could you please elaborate on said field?

Hey, I love the plugin, thanks! I just realized that I have way more subscribers per post than comments per post, and I’m thinking it’s because a lot of spammers are getting subscribed and then staying subscribed after their comment is marked as spam. Do you think you could add a feature where it automatically removes someone’s subscription if their comment is marked as spam?

I just sent you a $5 donation just to say thank you for what you’ve already built – I know that’s nowhere near enough to cover the time you would have to spend to build that feature, but I thought you’d appreciate it all the same :)

BTW, in case anyone else runs into this, I’ve come up with a stop-gap solution:

Backup the database then run this query:

DELETE FROM `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comment_notifier`
WHERE email NOT IN (
SELECT comment_author_email FROM `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comments`

(Obviously, change the table name prefix to whatever your install of WP uses.)

I’m thinking about adding a foreign key constraint with an ON DELETE CASCADE so that as soon as a spam comment gets deleted from the WP comments table, the DB will automatically delete the associated email from the comment_notifier table…

Actually, I went ahead and added that foreign key – so now spammers (and anyone else who’s comments I delete) should be automatically removed from the comment_notifier table whenever their comments get deleted.

Backup your DB first and then run this (you may need to run my previous stop-gap to clean up the data first):

ALTER TABLE `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comments` ADD INDEX ( `comment_author_email` );

ALTER TABLE `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comment_notifier` ADD CONSTRAINT `auto_delete_spammers` FOREIGN KEY (`email`) REFERENCES `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comments` (`comment_author_email`) ON DELETE CASCADE;

This will cause a small performance hit when adding or deleting comments, and should have no other side effects.

Actually, I went ahead and added that foreign key – so now spammers (and anyone else who’s comments I delete) should be automatically removed from the comment_notifier table whenever their comments get deleted.

Backup your DB first and then run this (you may need to run my previous stop-gap to clean up the data first):

ALTER TABLE `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comments` ADD INDEX ( `comment_author_email` );

ALTER TABLE `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comment_notifier` ADD CONSTRAINT `auto_delete_spammers` FOREIGN KEY (`email`) REFERENCES `wp_YOUR_PREFIX_comments` (`comment_author_email`) ON DELETE CASCADE;

This will cause a small performance hit when adding or deleting comments, and should have no other side effects.

(I just left this comment a minute ago, but it disappeared…)

Hello Stefano,

Been using your plug in for a while now and for some reason (a while back) it is no longer sending HTML messages – even though that option is checked. I’ve attached a screen shot of a comment test.

Thank you

Strange problem – the subscription checkbox labels appear for me in Chrome, but not IE, and that result has been replicated by another user. The boxes appear to float in space without any description (pic attached).

Can you offer any suggestions? Thanks.

Thank you for your plugin.
but, The “Unsubscription setting” feature is NOT working.

My Unsubscript Message.
You have unsubscribe successfully.
Thank you.
I’ll be send to the home page in 3 seconds.

and then I have clicked the submit button called “save and send a test email”

NOT come into my email inbox.

Is this BUG ? or is developing ?

Thank you for your effort.

i use your plugin comment notifier since 1 year and work well but with new wordpress update your plugin is broken.

Do you project to update it ? I’m looking to purchase the advanced functions too.

is it possible ?

Good Morning Stefano, I haven’t been able to get the plugin to work either and I am on the WP Version 3.2.1

The plugin is all that I need, but I need it to work. Giving it a few more days, but will need to look elsewhere if unable to fix. I’m looking to purchase the advanced functions.

Hi, I have not been able to make the plugin work. I have installed and activated, but no checkbox for subscribing appears on or near the posts. How do I troubleshoot?

Hi, Thanks for the plugin.

I have a problem though. When I try to post a comment to a post with many subscribers (30+), it takes 10-30 seconds to post a comment. When I disable the comment notifier plugin, posting comment is once again fast. So, it does look like the problem is with the comment notifier plugin.


I like the way this plug-in works much better than the Subscribe to Comments derivatives (which don’t give you enough control over the email content). However, I would really like to see you add a double opt-in feature, as I have a lot of spammers signing up to it with false emails on my blog (don’t ask me why they would do this, but they do!).

Is this plugin compatible with IntenseDebate? Its closely tied to the comments, which IntenseDebate sorta takes over. Can I still use this? It has a lot of great features and I would like to use both, but am a little concerned about it causing issues and my comments not being available for a time.

hi there, im using this plugin and have a question

the seccion of Unsubscription setting how is this supposed to be set ?

because on those emails some people doesnt want to be subscribed anymore, but there is no link to unsuscribe, and i dont know how to edit this settings ???

how is the url to unsuscribe to this ???

pls help !!!

tnx in advance

I have a question about the plugin configuration, what should I suppose to fill the “Notification sender email” and “Notification sender name”? I am using WP 3.0 and I have installed SMTP plugin to enable the email function. My host is Godaddy, Linux.
Thank you!

Hi Notus,

In my previous post the text after “=” was deleted by Satolla’s atrocious site. I’d faced this nuisance in the past too.

Let me repeat it:

Notification sender name = your name
& Notification sender email = your email-id

Hi Stefano, I’ve observed something strange: Why does a Submit Comment button appear in IE (scroll to bottom) – whereas it’s not the case in FF?

Btw, Stefano, it seems you’re more interested in approving comments rather than giving some answers. Why is it so? I expect some response from you in this case.

Hi there !

im using your plugin and have a question

at the Notification email settings how can i make the to make a new paragraph ???

since i got the email like this …
Hola Subscriber name ! Author name respondio a tu comentario sobre el articulo A wonderful post title La repsuesta fue:”
and doesnt look pretty

Pls help

Tnx in advance

Hi Salomon, from whatever I’ve understood you want to insert a paragraph in your message body. Right?

Well…do not check “send emails as html “, coz this will result in your emails without any paragraphs. Just send the email in ordinary text & you can insert paragraphs wherever you want to.

Btw, in the email sample you’ve provided – “Hola Subscriber name ! Author name respondio a tu comentario sobre el articulo A wonderful post title La repsuesta fue:” – the tags are not right at all.

Instead of “name ! Author name” it should be “{name}!{author}”

Stefano, your “send emails as html ” feature is crude one. It results in the text being merged into one paragraph. Needless to say it hardly looks nice. Instead of preserving the line breaks why do you remove them?

Stefano, please update this feature & make things look normal. In fact, I suggest that you allow HTML code to be pasted in the edit boxes – so that we can’ve a properly formatted email.

I checked the ” send emails as html ” option.
I then inserted the HTML version of the Welcome message & saved it.
Then on my site I posted a comment (for testing) using an email I’d never used.
But the email has not arrived yet. I am still waiting…

Where did I go wrong?

I wonder if the tag – {link} – is only for Posts – & not for Pages.
Coz the link does not appear for a Page in which a comment was stated.
To be precise, the link doesn’t appear in the email sent to a first time commentator.

Stefano ,please look into this.

Ok guys, I’ve found the solution to my own problem!

Here it is:
1) In Comment Notifier settings uncheck “Auto add the checkbox”.

2) Select either of these 2 given codes:


3) Dashboard->Appearance->Editor->”comment.php”
CAUTION: Keep a back-up of the contents of this file.

4) Search for this line in “comment.php” – <input name="submit".
This will exist after "ID); ?>”.

5) In the next line after “<input name="submit"", insert the line you'd selected in Step 2. Append to it this description – "Inform me of responses to my comments via e-mail"(you may change the description to your taste).

6) Update the comment.php file.

You're DONE!

I just observed something strange – some of the codings in my above post are missing, even though I’d typed them!

Let me try again.

In step 2, the codings I am referring to are the 2 HTML coding stated in the Comment Notifier settings under “Auto add the checkbox”:

or the one below for a checked checkbox

In step 4, the sentence, “This will exist after “ID); ?>” should read as –
“This will exist after “ID); ?>”.

Hi Satollo!

Comment Notifier is a very nice and handy plugin. I have a sort of update request.

I would even contribute myself but I am not a php artist.
So the problem is about multilingual blogs. It would be good if text variables in your plugin were called (like the one for embedding Post Title in Thank You email) inside of gettext function __() – it should look like this: (example from line 109 of plugin.php).

$data->title = __($post->post_title);

I updated it for my copy of plugin but it will not endure next update. I am not sure if it is necessary but I replaced it everywhere I found post_title and it works. Originally my output in an Email was in language tags: Post title. Now it comes as “Post title” only.

Once again nice plugin THX!

Hi folks, now I’m receiving the same e-mail twice when somebody leave a comment.
The server isn’t keeping the copy of e-mails and my e-mail manager program isn’t check to keep a copy on the server.

Anyidea what is going on? How can I get rid of it?

Thanks in advance.

Hyper cache have the admin panel not really ready to be translated. I have to do a bit of work to make it compatible with i18n system of wordpress.

I’ve deinstalled your plugin and thought I should try another to see if would work. So I installed the plugin Subscribe to Comments by Mark Jaquith. It seems to properly be sending notifications. So there must be a plugin conflict with your plugin or something else is going on that I can’t figure out. I’d like your input and will help troubleshoot in any way that I can. Let me know.

I’m using WP 2.9.1 and version 2.2.0 of Comment Notifier.

It does display the checkbox and text underneath posts. But the test email is never received, nor are any notifications to subscribed comments. I have enabled the log but it doesn’t help me diagnose why I am not getting email from it. I am getting WP emails telling me to moderate comments, so I don’t think I have a server issue. I’d love to have this up and running and would appreciate your help.

Hi Stefano. Great plug-in! Thanks for sharing it.
I’d like to comment, that the “Notification message body” doesn’t accept special characters (ISO Latin-1 characters). So, I need to send my message by using them. I tried also to use as ‘Entity Reference (e.g.: á for á) and it didn’t work too. Maybe an update on all message fields would be useful. ;0)

Suggestion: It would be cool if your plug-in would get to identify in someway (thought input field informed by user) if the e-mail is from other language (.uk, .br, .fr and so on) it would send the message from another “Notification message body-2” for this other language where we would add a message a different message/language. So, if your plug-in identify for example that the sender’s e-mail is from .uk it will use the second “Notification message body” instead of the default one. Well, somethink like that. ;0)

it’s not possible to select language from email address, many of the are .com. Multilanguage integration is not an easy task… may be in the next future…

Hey Stefano,
After starting a new blog I am looking for a new subscribe plugin. IN the past I have been using Marks’ plugin. However, we are now required to use double opt-in.

There are a few plugins that handle this but they have flaws. For example, spam comments deleted by Akismet nevertheless check the comment checkbox. THe double opt-in mail send to the spammer than bounces leading to an error in my mailbox.

Could there be a business case for you to build a double opt-in addon to your plugin?


Hi Stefano,

Have been taking your plugin for a bit of a test run. Up until now I have been using the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin by Mark Jaquith. Mark’s plugin worked great except for performance degradation as the number of subscribers and comments go up.

Your plugin so far appears to perform well but am having the following issues and would appreciate your feedback:

1) “Email address where to send test emails” does not retain setting after Save.
2) Spammers end up subscribed by default – even with the “Checkbox default status” unticked.
3) “Save and send a test email” option does not work for me. When clicked it returns to the same screen with changes not holding. Note that the “Save” button works OK.

FYI… I’m running WP 2.8.6 together with Hybrid theme.



For problem 2, new version has a patch. The other issues, I don’t know, on my blog it works, I’ll try to remove it completely and reinstall.

Same thing here!

I do recieve all the notifications (using Gmail) but other emails don’t. I can see the subscribers list, but they don’t get any email notification… I already change all the setting, but still not working :(


I am running 2.8.5
I Installed the plugin.
The test mails do come into my mail.

But I keep getting sample comments when someone posts a comment.
like this:

“This is a long comment. I like to write unuseful words with my poor english, but I hope you all can understand me. If you can’t i can speak italian”

My installation of Comment Notifier is working well. Once I figured out the general options panel, and what was required, it was very easy to work with and nicely customizable. Thank you for this plugin!

I am using Headway Theme, which has solid coding; I’m sure this helped. If anyone would like to see how I customized my panel, I added a page to my website addressing how to add this plugin with screen shots showing how I customized my general options panel.

I hope it helps you! Thanks for a great plug in!
Go to to see my instructions and screen shots.

Have a great day! Cheers!

The email you received is the copy of a notification, which is sent to the test address (check your configuration panel). You cannot unsubscribe, only a real subscriber can unsubscribe.

I’ve installed the plugin, but I’m not sure what to do in the settings page. Under ‘Notification Email Settings’ it says: Sender Name, Sender Email, Notification Subject, and Message Body. Do I input any information here? I am confused about this part, and even more confused by the information under Notification Subject ‘Tags: {title} – the post title, etc. Do I need to enter something specific here? I’m sorry but I’m very much a newbie at this and need a step by step guide. I’d be ever so grateful for your help.


I have the answer… The component was only developed to actually work when posting for NON-logged in uers. The “subscribe” gets the email address from a form…
The component does not allow for working with logged in users.
* Maybe an IF statement will do the job in the subscribe function…

From the WP forums:

[Plugin: Comment Notifier] 2.0.6 version security flaws.

This version uses wp-query calls that doesnt prepare the database properly as well as not putting stripsplashs in the appropriate places.

It also does not use _nonce for checking and validating so you can ‘cheat’ it by sending a form to the response of someones server who is running it and hack it by using the ID field, other fields are escaped but not properly.

I do not suggest using it *at this time* until it’s flaws are fixed if you are worried about being hacked.

Emailed creator, been over a week and no response.

I just installed your plugin a few days before I read this. Does the author have a point?

Dear Philip, I have to thank you for your fixes but please, do not assume that I delete important comment like yours when you don’t see them publishes. I was away enjoing some days of holidays. When back to my office I’ll surely fix the plugin a made a new release. Still you are right, fields have to be escaped, but remeber that queries will be executed after wordpress already checked the comment data so theoretically they cannot be wrong (I’m referring to email an post id). Clearly securety are important and your fixes will be inserted in the code!

Got an error for ya:
[10-Aug-2009 12:37:12] WordPress database error Can’t find file: ‘.\webcomicplanet\wp_54_subscriptions.frm’ (errno: 2) for query RENAME TABLE wp_54_subscriptions TO wp_54_comment_notifier made by activate_plugin, do_action, call_user_func_array, cmnt_activate

I’m guessing your renaming the table if someone already had a previous version, however if you don’t that error will show up on activation.

Probably best if you didn’t have that at all and just tell people to drop the old table, .. I had another plugin that had that name and was a pain to get it back.

I have this working just fine on WP 2.7.1, but cannot seem to get the layout of the notification email right. It does not matter whether HTML is enabled or not, I get the tags coming through in the email. I just want to include some blank lines in my email, so the notification email looks nice.

Can you supply a template that works well?

The latest version uses wp_mail. If WP can send emails Comment Notifier has to. Now I’m on vacation, to check the problem I need to connect to your blog admin area.

I tried with two different emails and dont get notifications on any of them. You dont say anything on how the email is sent, what email server settings are required?

Sorry but this plugin is installed on my blogs and works. Please, le me know how it is configured on your installation. Enable the logs and check them (or send them to me). Log file will be created in the plugin folder.

When I ask: do you see the subscriber list in the admin panel, no one give me an answer. How can I help?


I could not get the plug-in to function either.
I double checked my template, it had the correct code info.
The checkbox shows up on the post/comment box.
The test email worked.

That said, no users got follow up comments after “checking” the box. I’m using WP 2.8. I’ve since disabled and moved on but wanted to give constructive feedback.


Going to the admin panel of Comment Notifier, on the bottom of the panel there is a list of subscribers? The list id made of post titles and the relative subscribers sublist.

Hi, I installed the plugin and it works great with one google email but with the gmail I have stored in WordPress it doesn’t seem to work. Does this work for emails that are also users of the blog?


If comment notifier is configured to send the notifications with a gmail address, notification to the same address are dropped by gmail or your mail sender service. May be this is the problem you’re facing?

Installed this plug-in on my WordPress (2.8.1) blog.
Can’t see it working, and when I try to go to the “settings” from the WP plug-ins page I get an error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&’, expecting T_VARIABLE or ‘$’ in /home/.hari/psybertron/ on line 303

Is this to do with the placement of the comment_form item ?
If so, how do I fix it ?

Uhm, on my wp 2.8 blogs it works… on your blog I don’t see the “subscribe” checkbox. Why? Have you carefully read the instructions on Comment Notifier admin panel?

The admin panel of comment notifier comes with detailed instructions. You don’t need to add code by hand if the themes is well written. But I cannot be of help without access the admin panel of your blog…

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