Creating a Giweaway on Your Blog It’s Easy

Doing some cleanup of my projects, I found a plugin I made for a friend, named Giweaway (and badly documented on it’s official page – if some of you want to write a presentation for this plugin is really welcome…).

This plugin, even if very simple, helps in creating giveaway on blogs using the comments system of WordPress. How does it work? Simple: Giveaway plugin searches for posts tagged “giveaway” (you can customize that on configuration panel) and let you to select one of those posts.

Then it loads the comments of that post which authors are the giveaway participants and let to randomly extract one or print a table of them on paper.

Printing the list of participants on a piece of paper lets to create tickets and do a “real extraction”, may be recorded with your camera and published. An easy way to create “new” content.

The plugin has two other important feature: the ability to send a message to all participants and the ability to automatically send a preset thank you message when a new reader enter the contest leaving a comment.

Giveaway plugin can be freely installed from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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