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Ask here questions about Dynatags plugin leaving a comment. Try to be clear for me and for other readers. Do not write “it doesn’t work” without giving deep information on what is not working.

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Hi Stefano!

Thanks for this wonderful plugins, I absolutly love it!

I’m using it on and
On the membership page, at the bottom, there’s a long list of schools that should appear on the members page but it doesn’t.

I think the reason it does not work on the members is because I use another dynatag to query meeting events before displaying the school list.

What do you think, did you ever had this problem? Have you ever succeeded in making 2 dynatags in the same post/page? I would be grateful if you would have time to help me!



Where the ads doesn’t display? In you homepage the theme doesn’t display the post content but an excerpt, may be the problem is there.

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