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I just added this plug-in, and I tried to change the message that is part of the email, and I tried to change the size of the image within the email.

I changed the en_US_options.php file, but my changes aren’t showing up in the email that the receiver gets. Any ideas why?

This is an amazing plugin!

I was wondering if there were 3 changes/options that could be made to this plugin to make it perfect for me…

1. Being able to change the subtitle under each picture from “Send as ecard.”
2. Captcha support to prevent spammers
3. Being able to click the picture to open the ecard form instead of the link below. Even if this means modifying core code inside WP, can you please tell me how?

3 is the most important for me, but all 3 would be awesome.

Thanks for all your hard work!!!

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