Emails Lost (Not Really) After Newsletter Upgrade To 3.0 Version

Since too many people is reporting this issue I’m looking at the problem.

First, no email has been lost: the are only NOT listed. 

Second, I think I know now where the problem is and tomorrow I’ll confirm it and release a patch. Be patient just a few more hours and the problem will be solved.

Thank you!

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Emails on this article was not referring to subscriber but to messages. No subscriber has been lost. just do a search on subscriber panel or an export. They are there.

Ciao, nessun iscritto è andato perduto, l’articolo faceva riferimento alla lista messaggi. Basta fare una ricerca nel pannello degli iscritti per trovare tutto.

Buona sera Stefano,
ancora Grazie!
I checked the DB and everything was there.
as a provisory solution, i renamed the V3 to _old and reinstalled the v2.xx and i could send my news. Now with 3.01 mostly OK.
some rights problem on a server with the templates i think.

I’ll go (and my custommers) to pro Version asap youre ready with it.

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