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This post is dedicated to File Commerce discussions and help request. You can leave a comment to make know your thoughts about File Commerce, launch a feature request, ask for help and so on.

Be polite and do not write “it does not work”, but be specific, otherwise no one can be of help.

The File Commerce official page is here.

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I have one issue with file Commerce, I’m trying to sell my Emagazine on my WordPress website where the buyer can download it after it bought. The file is 250MB, and the file upload wont upload that big. Where do I go in my ftp files to upload it? And once someone purchases it, will it automatically download for the buyer?

Do the people who register on my site using the “Register” link and thus become “Users” become automatically a part of the list for Newsletter? Or do I need to transfer/copy them to Newsletter list manually?

In the user guide you are talking about File Commerce Pro, but I don’t find any info about it. I’m interested to add more files than just one which seems just possible with the pro version. What are the costs for the pro version?

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