Hyper Cache 2.7.2: Issues Solved When Running on Windows Hosting

Due to a very small optimization I added to Hyper Cache 2.7+, the plugin may not work as excepted on Windows Hosting spaces. With version 2.7.2 I fixed such problem, but remember to deactivate and reactivate the plugin after manual update (when uprade is done from WordPress plugin panel, deactivation and reactivation is made automatically).

Have a nice caching!

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Hi there
Currently giving Hypercache a try.

Something I find quite confusing is that the plugin doesn’t add a comment like >!– static page served in 0.1 sec –> or something like this that would make you confident the plugin is actually running :)

I checked the files and there is no real differences between version 2.7.0 and 2.7.3. Dows this change is due only to hyper cache? No traffic change?
Remeber that on upgrade the cache will be emptied, to there is a server load after an upgrade.

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