Hyper Cache 2.8.5: My Tests Are Positive!

I’m receiving comments about Hyper Cache 2.8.5 not working. Some people found that going back to previous versions make it to work again. Since I’m pretty sure that Hyper Cache 2.8.5 should work as previous version, I installed it on a fresh blog and I tested it.

All fine. On another blog running a previous version, I updated to the latest and it started to work without pain.

Of course one MUST deactivate and reactivate the plugin after a manual upgrade and some blog folders must be writeable. Probably Hyper Cache is missing to show enough “system failure” information and does not drive the user to correct what’s wrong, but I can assure it works.

My promise is to extend the documentation to have a guide to debug not working installations!


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Say, Jason, I use the e-commerce plugin Shopp, and HyperCache seems to cause products not to be added to the shopping cart. But I would love to use it as it does help with site speed. How did you change the cache directory? TIA!

Who use a commerce plugin, specially if it can be used without logged in users, should never use a cache plugin too… or user can see the cart of other users.

If the plugin uses a cookie to track the cart, the cookie name to hyper cache to block the cache.

My solution was to remove this from my functions.php:

if(extension_loaded(“zlib”) && (ini_get(“output_handler”) != “ob_gzhandler”)) {
add_action(‘wp’, create_function(”, ‘@ob_end_clean();@ini_set(“zlib.output_compression”, 1);’));

My old approach to get a little performance (gzip with lzip) seems to break the Hyper Cache plugin.. Glad I found the bug :-) Hope I might save others for some time..

An issue our sites was that the cache directory changed in 2.8.5 from: wp-content/plugins/hyper-cache/cache to: wp-content/cache/hyper-cache

Once I created wp-content/cache with the appropriate permissions, everything was fine.

Hope this saves someone the time I lost :)

Sounds good with a debug guide..
I’m sure it’s working in best case scenario :-) But I tried 2 blogs now – doesn’t work on any of them..

It must be related to the theme,security issues or some wordpress settings (I guess)..

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