Hyper Cache Version 2.7.6

This version contains 4 character less than previous version. A user send me a little patch of a file causing some problems to feeds. I have not verified the bug, applied the patch and created a new version.

That’s all, folks.

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I installed the newest version of hyper cache plugin on my wordpress site, it appears to be working or at least activated.

I’m not a programmer, do i also need to input some code to make it work?

Or is it already working?

Good day! Please tell me that dreams do?
I foolishly not knowing is not added to the cache:
/wp-content/plugins/wp-postratings/wp-postratings.php and /wp-content/plugins/wp-postratings
I stopped working on the rating site((
Please tell me how to get back that would work
and yet I have also stopped working plugin autobekap who sent me on email backup database
Thanks for your help!

Installed your plugin about a week or so ago and it seems to run great. Then just tonight, I had this message pop up.

“Your wp-content folder is not writable. Hyper Cache needs to create a file called advanced-cache.php in to that folder in order to work. Make it writable and deactivate and reactivate Hyper Cache.”

Any ideas what the cause may be? Is this a legitimate problem?

Thanks much,


Ciao Stefano,
I still haven’t been able to solve the issue and will have to delete your plugin and try another cache plugin, since it’s not working yet.

Let me know if do plan on looking into that bug.

Best Sanny

Ciao Stefano,
non parlo cosi bene che ti posso spiegare in italiano ma ho provato mandarti una email ad e tornato subito con un mailerdaemon, strano, no?,
I just experienced this issue on my site with the Safari Browser, and when only your plugin is active, I use Firefox but testing different browsers,
showed this page and when I deactivate it, everything is fine.

My WordPress version is 3.0.1, my theme is from and I have these plug-ins active:

Hope you can help since I’ve followed all your instruction and wasn’t able to upgrade your plugin version automatically from my blog,
even with the correct ftp data it doesn’t upgrade. And downloading the latest version from wordpress/extend didn’t help me either,
after I deleted the old folder and uploaded the version I still have the version 2.7.5 showing.

I hope you can help since I need this Plugin, or else my site is showing up slow.


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