Hyper Cache Version 2.8.2

I quickly released a new version of Hyper Cache after the 2.8.1 because users were confused by compressed configuration panel (titles were clickable…). But the main changed has been the moving of the cache folder to “wp-content/cache/hyper-cache” so it won’t be deleted on plugin upgrade.

More, this is compatible with standards used by other caching plugin, hope this make users more happy (and less support emails ;-).

For whi need a cache with less configuration, try to consider Lite Cache instead.


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My solution was to remove this from my functions.php:

if(extension_loaded(“zlib”) && (ini_get(“output_handler”) != “ob_gzhandler”)) {
add_action(‘wp’, create_function(”, ‘@ob_end_clean();@ini_set(“zlib.output_compression”, 1);’));

My old approach to get a little performance (gzip with lzip) seems to break the Hyper Cache plugin.. Glad I found the bug :-) Hope I might save others for some time..

It would be nice to have access to previous versions of your great plugin. With move to 2.8.2 the listing of cached pages is lost, and I personally liked the collapsible display of options.

If I list to you the number of emails I received reporting the new version the plugin did not work because the where no more configurations available… you surely understand why I removed the collapsed sections…

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