Hyper Cache Version 3.0.0

Hyper Cache has been rewritten. After few months with two caching systems (Hyper Cache and Lite Cache), I ended up with a merge of the two, including the Lite Cache technology inside Hyper Cache.

Lite Cache is a stable and well working plugin I use on all my sites and manages blogs. Hyper Cache had more options. The merge got the best from both the plugins.

Since most of the options changed, there is an import button on Hyper Cache administration panel which convert the old options to the new one. Eventually some adjustment could be required.

Consequence of this merge, Lite Cache will be dismissed (without any issue for who is using it!) and hence there will be no more updates. Migration will be simple and described asap on Lite Cache page.

A major versionĀ can have some issues, so expect a series of releases to fix problems found by users.

As usual, the “readme.txt” file will report the changes between versions and the history will be available here. Not all minor version will get a post like this, since many fixes affect only a small number of people with specific needs.

To get support, anyone can sign up to this site and write questions on theĀ dedicated Hyper Cache forum.

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