Lite Cache 2.0.2 Released

Lite Cache is now 2.0.2. The new feature is th compatibility with bbpress (latest version) so when new topics or replies are added the cache refresh the involved pages.

It’s still experimental since i have not more then one site with bbpress installed.

I was asked: why Lite Cache when there is Hyper Cache. Well as is many times happened with my plugins, Lite Cache was written for a specific need in a couple of hours. It was aimed to be simple and only for that problematic blog.

Then I decided to release it just in case someone would find its simplicity and efficienty good enough for his blog.

Adding the same functionalities to Hyper Cache was possible but harder than quickly write new plugin.

More the caching approach is little different than the one of Hyper Cache and should be more efficient. I think most of the blog using Hyper Cache could actually move to lite cache getting the nice features not available on other caches.

Will Lite Cache have a future and what about Hyper Cache? Both will be developed and supported. Some of my blogs are running Lite Cache now since I want add a moble theme and Lite Cache is made for that. On a blog I have tons of comments and regular cache plugins are not good with traffic geneated by ommenters: Lite Cache was born mainly for that.

Have a nice caching!!!

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