Magento and Google Webmaster 404 Report About product/upload

If you use the Google Webmasters tools (and you should), you may have noticed on the 404 reports panel one or more URL like


That URLs are not “real”, they are only a part of a real URL then completed by some JavaScript when you upload a file to add a product to the cart. Magento support products with options which are files a customer must upload to purchase (image for example a shirt with a printed picture uploaded by the customer).

The Google Bot is not enough smart to distinguish is an URL (o part of it) is a real link or a piece of JavaScript codem and it tries to follow it. Of course that partial URL ends with a 404 page (in our specific case).

How to get rid of that URL in the reports

The best way to remove that URL from being scanned is to block it with a line in the robots.txt file:

Disallow: /*/catalog/product/upload/option_id

It should suffice to avoid to see it reported.

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