Mailer Plugin Is Now Publicly Available

Mailer Plugin is an add-on for WordPress which transparently capture emails sent by WordPress (or plugins) and deliver it slowly (technically throttles them). This plugin is perfect for everyone uses a shared  hosting where the provider imposes limits on the number of emails per hour.

Other than it’s main function of throttling emails, it lists those features:

  • SMTP enabled: you can configure an external SMTP to be used to send emails
  • delivering priority: plugins can send email setting a priority; that avoid real time email (like password recovery email) to be blocked by a long queue (for example from a mass mail to all users)
  • return path setting to get the “delivery errors” sent to a specific mail box (most provider catch the delivery error messages and put them on the server user account mail folder ¬†which most of the time is not available)

On Mailer official page there is a link to download it from WordPress or you can search it from your blog plugin panel.

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