Membership offers a membership to everyone wants to extend free plugins or install premium plugins available on download area.

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The membership grants one full year of access to updates and it’s not recurring: when it expires you can decide to renew it again or not.

60 days money back are guaranteed and no questions will be asked on refund request.

There is no limitation on the number and kind of domains on which you will use the software. Your membership is not connected to a domain name. Two kind of membership are anyway provided for single person/company usage and for agencies which want to use the software for their clients.

Payment and Invoice

Plimus or ClickBank are the final sellers and they’ll give you the invoice for your purchase: be sure to correctly fill in the buy form.

Membership Expiration

When the membership expire nothing happens to the software installed on sites. The software will continue to work forever state that WordPress or other third party plugins remain compatible with the version of the software you have. To download new version you should renew the membership.


If you have questions or problems you can use the support form, as first choice, or the forums on this site. Try to avoid (if possible) to mail me directly (at since I receive a lot of emails and I cannot recognize the ones of my members.


Both ClickBank and Plimus let you to ask for a refund. On ClickBank it is processed automatically within 24 hours without my intervention. On Plimus I’ll confirm it in max two working days.

Of course for any problem contact me!