Netbeans 8.0 Massive Update Problems

I received for my Netbeans 8.0 windows installation a massive set of updates (more than 60). When installed the IDE started to works badly with many editor error/exceptions. finally I discovered that my plugin repository reference was changed to point the 8.0.1 (just released version) repository. So, probably, all my Netbeans 8.0 plugins have been replaced by their new version for the 8.0.1 IDE… but actually they don’t seems to work correctly.

Even the splash screen of my 8.0 installation shows 8.0.1, which is not a standard.

It’s better to discard that installation and install a fresh downloaded 8.0.1 from the official site and then import the configuration (Netbeans autodetect old installation and offers to import its settings).

Or you can unstall all the plugin from the Tools/Plugins panel: that restore the original versions. I have even deactivate all the modules and the reactivated the ones I need. The splash screen got back to show version 8.0.

But you should change even the reference to the update repository, always on Tools/Plugins making them to point to the 8.0 version (you can easly find that they are pointing the 8.0.1 version).

You can even consider to delete the cache located under Users/YourUserName/AppData/Local/Netbeans. The path is shown on the About window of Netbeans.

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