Other Posts: is the page enough explicative?

Other Posts is a very simple plugin that finds and prints related posts to the current your visitor is reading. As many other plugin.

Other Posts can be configured defining with complete freedom the layout of the related posts list. It is to be used with Post Layout (or if you like to modify your theme, there is a piece of PHP code to call within the theme files).

I wrote a page with examples direclty from a blog I manage: I wonder if that page is enough clear… so I’m asking your help. Thank you!

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Somehow your recent update on other posts has stopped showing images – check out here – . The previous version used to show up thumbnail images properly next to post, but now it does not show up even if the post has images.

Can you please let me know what the issue is…I am not sure where to post the comment..hence posting it here..

BTW..Thanks for a great plugin.

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