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Peter · July 14, 2010 at 1:53 am

I am interested in making my website much better and trying to attract more interest from the public. Unfortunately I started the site by paying some one to show me how to start making web pages. I had a 1 hour lesson and years later I have grown my site to what it is now and it is still running slowly. I have read lots on the web on how to increase traffic and alter the look of the site but I am not a very good designer and doing a lot by guess work hoping it will work. I don’t rank very well on the search engines and wanting to increase my traffic a little. I don’t expect millions of people to access my services and only want to increase a little more work flow. What can you suggest? I do have some out bound links but I don’t know if I am on the rite track. I am thinking of making another web site to see if that may help but that will take a long time seeing I have to work as well. What are your comments and your recommendations.
Regards Peter

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