Really busy week

Usually I prefer to not write about my personal things but this week and the next one will be very busy so I cannot answare the many comments you left on the blog. Please, be patience. Thank you.

Hyper Cache Statistics Example

With Hyper Cache 2.4+ I introduced statistics that can be enabled on the options panel (be aware that statistics collection slow down a bit Hyper Cache).

After some days of use of Hyper Cache on one of my blog (not too much updated), they look as shown in the picture below.


You may note there is a number of 404 handled responses, due to a lot of links no more valid (the site was not a blog in the past and not all URLs was rewrited). The 77% hits is really good, I saved a lot of CPU and database (my provider has a policy on database usage, queries per hour).


Writing Catching Titles: Letter Case

As Italian, I’m used to write title only with the first title letter uppercase (and for proper nouns). But American style guides teach to write title using uppercase letter for all words, or almost all words.

If you, like me, are curisous to find out more about that, you can read this page on wikipedia: there is a nice table with different example of title writing rules.

The commons seems to be: