Tutorial: Write a Sitemap Plugin Day 1

I wrote a number of plugins and every time I review the code of them I found someting can be improved or adjusted. I’m not talking about bugs but different way to implement the plugin actions. This tutorial will be a set of post where I dissect “my way to write a plugin”. I don’t think it’s the best, most complete tutorial, but it m ay be useful… so… lets start.

Before all we need to decide the plugin purpose, it’s features, it’s limits. I want to write a very (very) simple plugin to generate a very (very) simple XML sitemap of this blog. As you know there are such kind of plugins, there is no need to write a new one, but this is a tutorial!

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Other Posts: is the page enough explicative?

Other Posts is a very simple plugin that finds and prints related posts to the current your visitor is reading. As many other plugin.

Other Posts can be configured defining with complete freedom the layout of the related posts list. It is to be used with Post Layout (or if you like to modify your theme, there is a piece of PHP code to call within the theme files).

I wrote a page with examples direclty from a blog I manage: I wonder if that page is enough clear… so I’m asking your help. Thank you!

Post Layout help needed!

This post is almost empty and is dedicated to all you blogger using Post Layout. If you want ask for help about Post Layout usage, want to share your experience, leave a comment under this post.

The best questions and the best answers will be moved to the Post Layout FAQ section.