Would you be interested in a pay to view WordPress plugin?

There are chances I’ll write a (simple) plugin which asks fr a payment to see contents in a blog. It won’t be a membership plugin, there are already a lot of them. The plugin simply should be configured to block access to post content of posts in specified categories or tagged with specified tags. Some special case should be considered, like blocking only part of a post replacing it with a payment advice.

There won’t be different user levels and there will be only one configurable price. The gateway will be PayPal. A user must register and log-in before being able to buy the access.

There will be an expiration date, after that the user must pay again. May be it’s feasible to add the recurring payments option of PayPal.

Since I’ll probably need to write such a plugin for a friend, if there are a number of people interested in it I can write it in a more general.

Let me know (leaving a comment on this post).

Thank you, Stefano.

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Great idea! I like the idea of offering content free until some date. I imagine it could drive traffic to my site.

Best regards,

Thank you Bob. The date was really thought to be an expiration access date for a paying user, for example when you say: pay 10$ and for one year you’ll have access to all premium content.

The date applied to a content category is interesting though.

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