Bookmark Me

Bookmark me is a WordPress plugin made to add the “social bookmark buttons” on each post. It is different to other social bookmarks plugins because it’s focused on collecting non-english bookmarks site.

As now, it counts russian, arabian, italian, french, german, espanol, slovak, netherlands, sweden sites.

And it’s still growing with the help of users… with YOUR help.


After the plugin is installed and activated, in the “settings” page there will be a special options page for bookmark me. You can choose which buttons have to appear and where (relative to the post: on the top, on the botton, in the middle, and so on).

You can, as well, call the function “bookmark_me()” directly from the theme if you want a better layout control.

Or, even better, use the post layout plugin to easly control where and how the buttons have to show. If you need hints on how to integrate the two plugins, feel free to write me or leave a comment.


The plugin is available fromt the WordPress repository: Bookmark Me WordPress Plugin.