Feed Filter

Let your feed to have different layout and content based on IP addresses.

From when I discovered some auto blog networks that copied and republished my feeds, I asked my self: “how can I stop them”? The solution is easy, one can use the “deny” rules of apache or some WordPress plugins to stop specifc IPs to access the blog.

That stops thieves. But sometime you want to serve modified feeds to someone, may be with a shorter excerpt or with a copyright notice on the bottom. Or that can be the default and for some special readers you want to give a longer excerpt or an excerpt with an image.

I always talking about “excerpt” because Feed Filter assumes you are delivering only excerpts on your feed… and believe me, it’s the better choice, specially today where auto blogging networks are more and more diffuse.

Now, what about Feed Filter? What can it do?

  1. Feed Filter can distinguish between “bad” IP addresses, “good” IP addresses and every one else.
  2. For each class you can modify the post ttitle adding a prefix or postfix or even manipulate it with PHP.
  3. For each class you can modify the excerpt adding a prefix or postfix or even manipulate it with PHP (a ready to use “trim” function is provided).

May be it’s not ethical, but for “bad” feed readers you can even feed bad content… on plugin configuration panel there are some examples of feed manipulation.

Be aware: if you use the PHP functionality of Feed Filter, be sure to write good code otherwise the blog screws up!


How IPs are matched?

Actually an exact match method is used, just waiting some coder which helps me out with regular expression (but the configuration needs to remain simple)

Can I filer “per agent”?

No, actually there is no “per agent” filter and remember that the “agent” can be changed easily.

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