Postcards is a totally new plugin that transforms a WordPress gallery in a postcards system. Simply activating it, every post with a gallery will be transformed such that thumbnails will have a link “send as postcard”. That will bring up a window where user can compile a postcard and send it to friends.



Postcards is available on WordPress Plugin Directory.

Discussions and help about this plugin on Postcards Help page. Versions history and other articles about Postcards can be found here.

Postcards Extras

Postcards can be extended with some extra features finalized to create more and more traffic on your blog or to monetizing the cards them self.

  • cards enriched with last posts from your blog (spread your content!)
  • cards enriched with related post list of the post the card was sent
  • random ads on affiliate link configurable
  • globally enabled and ability to disable at post/page level
  • globally disabled and ability to selective enable
  • one year of free upgrades
  • author is open to requests to be implemented

To install, just open the archive and copy the “postcards-extras” folder in your blog plugin folder. When installed the Postcards option panel shows up new options.

Postcards Extras can be downloaded from download area (for members).

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