Post Layout help needed!

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I think it says somewhere you can insert unlimited php scripts if you define what triggers them, ie by default it is the more tag.

I have looked at the 3 pages to edit and I cannot understand how I can create extra triggers.

Are we talking one line of code to add a new parameter to trigger the code or is it more involved?

I have no php knowledge hence the question!

Fantastic plugin. The only issue I’ve run into is the mobile user agent detection. I have code in the desktop field and none in the mobile field, however the code is still injected on my android 2.2 phone. Thanks

Hi Stefano,

I just want to add a count so that ‘before post content’ is only fired a maximum of 3 times.

I tried to add a line in function pstl_the_content(&$content) at
line 72: if ((did_action(‘the_content’) > 3) ) return $content;
but the did_action() seems to always return 0.

How can I make this ‘before content’ fire only a maximum of 3 times please?

Thank you,

Ciao Stefano, is it possible to replace the marker for insertion in the middle of the post and use something else instead of the “more” tag?

“Ciao Stefano, is it possible to replace the marker for insertion in the middle of the post and use something else instead of the “more” tag?

Did you come up with anything?


Great plugin!

Question. How can I get PHP code injected using your plugin or should I upgrade to the Pro version. I have tried several coding tags but none seem to work.

I have found an interesting use but it requires getting a slice of PHP code added.



Post Layout does not seem to be working in WordPress 2.9. I have used it on older versions and love it. But on a site I am creating in 2.9, the html I put in does not “stick.” If I make any edits to teh page and save, it removes all of the html code just like if I did not have Post Layout installed.

All my blogs use post layout (of course) and all are 2.9. Post layout keeps its configurations? Have you some sort of cache? Can you disable it? Have you a plugin to optimize the blog?


My husband also wrote to you to ask if Post Layout is compatible with WP 2.9?

On the WP plugin page, it indicates that the plugin only works with 2.8.4.


I was trying to display buysellads code “After the Content” but after saving changes the ad spot does not display.

However, ad sense code “Before the Content” works fine.

This is a weird error!

Any help would be appreciated.

Actually, disregard my 2nd comment above. I tried downloading 2.0.4 again and got version 2.0.4. Hmm, an error on my part or a weird glitch. Anyway, the error on 2.0.9 still exists and does not for previous version 2.0.4.

I updated to latest 2.0.9 today and I get this error every time I save/update a post/page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function pstl_request() in /home/fruity/public_html/wp-content/plugins/post-layout/plugin.php on line 232

I did not get this error with the previous plugin version. (Love this plugin, btw.)

Thanks in advance for any help given. :)

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