Post Layout On Hacked Blogs

I have been contacted two days ago by since a number of hacked blogs was running Post Layout. More,few bloggers wrote me directly asking why there was Post Layout installed in their blogs while the didn’t install it.

After a check of Post Layout code to be sure it has not security holes, I asked the hacked bloggers if they found the problem. One reported me that actually his blog was hacked and Post Layout was added to the blog as part of the hacking (probably to inject links on blog posts).

Hope next time hackers will be so nice to (at least) change the plugin name…

Post Layout is safe to use and is not an open door for hackers. A lot of blog is still “open” to be hacked since they use the old version of timthumb library (many free and non free themes use it): check all your blog files for a thumb.php or a timthumb.php file and ask an expert to control if it is safe or not.

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