Postcards Version 1.0.3

I’ve just updated Postcards plugin: there is no new features only some fixing.

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Don’t count on Satollo. He likes to play games. He didn’t fix the postcards plugin, he just LIED that he did. That’s why he didn’t give a download for the repaired version. THE GUY IS A JERK.

May be I missed something while commit that version, but it’s not mandatory to use a plugin that does not work on your blog. There are people using that version and it works, so probably it is not compatibile with your blog theme.

Do you have reported what kind of error you have? With this post (that probably I published wrongly) I said “there are fixes”, that does not means it starts to work on your blog. May be you want to detail what’s is not working?

It is not working ON YOUR BLOG.

Hello, Satollo. Could we please have a link to the new fixed version, “postcards version 1.0.3”.

I built 2 galleries, and the existing plugin is broken. May I please have a link to the one that works. Thank you.

Hi. You must create image galleries for it to work. Instal the Postcards plugin, create one or many galleries. As soon as you create a gallery, the Postcards plugin causes LINKS to magically appear under each image, so it can be sent as a postcard. It’s really simple, and works well, it just needed some instructions to go with it.

To create a gallery, make a post or a page where you will show the gallery.

There are small icons above the edit window where you write the contents of your page. The first icon (left) is the one to insert images. Click on that icon, and then use the interface to select images from your hard drive to upload.

Save all the images, and scroll down the uploaded images page to find choices for # of columns of thumbs in your gallery. If you have a 2-column WordPress theme, usually, there’s room for 3 or 4 columns of thumbs.

Save your image upload page – it has now become your gallery. When you save it, then, you will see in the space inside the edit window where you uploaded your images to the post or page where you are putting your gallery, a huge icon appears. That’s your completed gallery.

Now, VIEW your page or post where you added your gallery.

As you already installed the Postcards plugin, you will see a text link appear underneath each thumbnail of the gallery images. That’s your new postcard system! Just click the link and the blank postcard opens, which you or your visitors can fill in to send an image from your gallery as an e-card.

Remember to test the system by sending yourself a couple of postcards. For any issues, contact the plugin author at

Good luck!

Hi, this is a great idea for a plugin but I could use some help getting it to work. Is the latest version 1.03 available? I downloaded and installed 1.02 and created an gallery using the shortcode [gallery] but nothing seems to happen. Any thoughts on this?

I am running WP 2.9.2.


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