Protector Plugin Help: Ask Here Your Questions

As I’m used to do, this post is dedicated to collect Protector related comments and requests.

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Hi stefano,

im want to use your plugin to do visitors do comments to see the content or links. Can i do it with Protector?


thank you and good job!

I really like the idea especially if you want to build a list. I also know that if you make things hard for people to get to they will walk away. I wondered if you have done any tracking that would help you determine how much a deterrent the password was from them going on to get the information. I know this would be determined by the perceived value of the offer but I wanted to know if you have done any A/B testing.


Hi bill, doing A/B test with protect and unprotected content is not a good idea. Clearly if you leave the content free for some one and protected for other you cannot get useful information. A/B test, IMHO, makes sense when you have really similar condition presented to visitors and want to see if people subscribe more with scenario A or scenario B.
So an A/B test is better build changing the subscription page (texts, images, subscription box position and so on) than leaving the access for free or not. Just my two cents, I’m not an expert. I use protector on some Italian blogs where some articles have curious content and I ask people to subscribe the newsletter to get it :-).

Hello Stefano,

I am very interested in using your plugin on my blog, but I have a problem. Although I have read your usage information page, I really don’t understand where to start. Consider me a level 0 beginner if you want.

Actually, I want to use Protector with aweber, to invite prospects to register in my optin list before they can get the reste of an article.
So if you could provide me a step by step instruction on how to do that, I’d be happy to use your plugin and promote it in my network.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

If you specify a password in the admin panel, that key will protect all parts surrounded by [protect]. If you specify a particular key in a protect tag, that key will unlock only that part. Clearly if the same key is specified in more than one protection, once the user access with that key, all parts are unlocked.

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