Pre sale, payments, refunds

Plugins that can be purchased may have mandatory prerequisites to work that must be checked before buy them. Free plugin are not bugged to force you to purchase a pro version: if the free version does not work for any reason (on your blog), the pro won’t as well. Not every blog can run every plugin: this is an unwritten but natural rule (hosting providers are different and plugins can conflict).

If for any reason a plugin is not satisfactory, there is a 60 days money back guaranteed policy: no questions will be asked, just send a refund request with your transaction id. For Plimus and Clickbank payment gateways the request must be started on their systems. After a refund your plugin copy must be completely removed.

Plugin license

The general license I apply for commercial plugin is here.

Support And Contact Policy

Generally I do not give support for my plugin via email since most of the questions I receive are already answered on plugin specific page on this site or inside each plugin configuration panel. Try to find your solution there before send your request.

Questions can be asked on posts made to discuss plugins (on each plugin page there is a reference to those posts) or on the new forums area (better choice). Forums require registration.

Customers can use the support form to directly contact me when there is a problem that cannot be solved following the plugin documentation. The use of the form is limited to unsolvable problems that make the plugin not fully functional.

I usually check the mail and see comments and requests from Monday to Friday. I live in Italy, pay attention to my timezone.


I set up few forums where plugin users should be able to interact each other and post questions, suggestions, modifications and so on. Use them, I’m there and they should be better than blog comments.

General F.A.Q.

There is a general F.A.Q. page with very common questions about plugins, accounts, payments, refunds.


My excuses for my bad english but it's the only way I have to communicate with you. Would you suggest a correction? Leave a comment, thank you!