You could have experienced the failed login as tadmin to the Talend ESB/Karaf console when using the client.bat to access a remote (or locally installed as Windows service) Karaf console.

That applies to Talend Open Studio for ESB 7.2.1.

Typically the message you got is:

The default password is tadmin so, no, you have not typed it wrongly. And on Talend ESB 6.5 it was working correctly. So what the hell is happening?

The problem lies in the file you can find inside the container/etc folder. The user tadmin defined in that file has not a role which grants the ssh access. So is should be changed this way:

adding the ssh word to the set of user permissions/roles. Then restart the service and you can login with username tadmin and password tadmin.

Change tadmin password

Of course, that is the moment to change the tadmin password if you want. In the line:

The first tadmin is the username and the tadmin after the “=” sign is the password. Inside the file you can find a bit of documentation on those configurations.

My excuses for my bad english but it's the only way I have to communicate with you. Would you suggest a correction? Leave a comment, thank you!
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