Talend: Setting A Custom Java/JRE Home

If you use the ZIP version of Talend 4 on your Windows machine and have not a JAVA_HOME environment variable (may be because, as me, you have three or four JDK installed) you may end with such error: No java virtual machine was found after seaching in the following locations.

To solve this problem and set your custom JDK installation path to be used by Talend there is only one file to modify.

Since Talend is an Eclipse platform product, opening the file TalendOpenStudio-win32-x86.ini you find in it some java command line args after the “-vmargs”. To force a specific Java version, you can add at the beginning of such file:

[path to your JRE or JDK]

That’s all, now Talend starts and is working with your specific Java version.

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