Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro: Keyboard Layout

My laptop (HP) died yesterday. Definitively. In my company there was a MacBook Pro free to be used, but I need Windows. I was used with the mythical Windows XP which has been perfect for my programming day work.

I use Vista on my home laptop, but I don’t like it too much. Since there was some Windows 7 licences, I asked to install it just to not seem too oldish to my colleagues. A nice guy (my chief) installed it on that MacBook Pro (see the photo)… all was fine except the keyboard.

Where is the DEL button? Any programmer needs it! And what about SHIFT-ALTGR to make curly brackets? I have an Italian keyboard, so I need it, I cannot press ALT-CRTL-SHIFT and another key to have a curly brackets. Ok, I know how to play guitar, but this is too much, my left hand refuses to create such complex finger figure!

But a solution is there and it is called SharpKeys. SharpKeys is a very simple program that let you to map any key to any other.

So to have the DEL button on a MacBook Pro with Windows 7, I mapped the F12 key to the DEL, and… it’s fantastic. Then I mapped (but for english keyboards I think there is no need to do it) the keypad enter button (on the right between the “apple” and the directional keys to the special key ALT-CTRL (or ALT GR).

Now I can go back to code…

To get SharpKeys, go here.

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