WordPress 3.0 and Blank Admin Panels and Memory Issues

Yesterday I helped I friend who upgraded to WordPress 3.0 from WordPress 2.9.2. Many admin panel (post edit, plugin list and other) stop to show. Ususally it’s a memory problem. WordPress sets memory limit to 32 megabyte but if you have many plugins installed you can experience out of memory (and if you don’t have the error log to track the problem you only see random blank pages).

To increase the WordPress memory limit, you have simply to edit the wp-config.php file adding this line just below the “define(‘WPLANG’, ”);”:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

that definition rises the memory limit to 64 megabytes. Do not set this limit too high: a “run away” of corrupted scripts can eat up all the server memory (if the server is your you freeze it, if you are hosted your account may be bocked).

To be more conservative you can set the new limit to “40M”.

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Hi Anthony here from, the blank page in admin either when you add something or it just happens is normally related to the memory space being full you can increase memory space with a simple htaccess file added to the root directory of your wordpress blog. I have added a download of a htaccess file to for anyone to use this should cure your wordpress blank page problem just unzip the file then upload the htaccess file to the root of your blog anyone who is not confident in doing the please contact me for help.

to Download

Best Regards
Anthony (Admin)

Pay attention db.php is a file created by some kind of cache (db cache reloaded for sure), if you delete it, the cache won’t work anymore.
Probably even w3total cache creates it.

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