My name is Stefano Lissa“. With “What time is it?“, that is the first English phrase I learned and probably their are the only two I can (with confidence) write correctly. So be patience with my ugly English: an alternative (for you) would be to learn Italian… not so practical.

I’m 10+ years experienced programmer on many platforms (from .net to Java) but I fell in love with WordPress when I started to blog many years ago. So I put some energy in writing plugins for WordPress from the start and the count is now over 20 of them, almost all released to the public domain on

This site is the space I dedicated to my WordPress plugins, mostly, and to some other little technical articles I found to be interesting to share. Other than plugins’ official pages, you can find here a support forum where I answer to questions from plugin users.

I’m (little) involved on Industry 4.0 topics and I wrote about them on ├Čtere.

Unable to keep myself away from the social thing, there is a Facebook page for this site and a Google+ page. You can follow them to stay updated if you use my plugins (and if I remember to post the news on them…). Of course even LinkeIn is sniffing my activities. Sometime I wonder if the social networks are more update about me than myself…

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I’m not on Twitter, actually (and neither on Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, YouYube, …).