Donations From January 2017 To June 2017

Dear friends, dear supporters, the latest six months were fantastic and we collected 370 € that I have already donated to humanitarian organizations.

  • 150 € to Save the Children
  • 120 € to MSF

A little drop of water in this desert of humanitarians needs to prepare a better World for our children.

Thank you, Stefano.

Donations From April 2015 To June 2016

Long time since my last donation of donations, but it has been a complicated period. What matters is to keep on tracks, even if a little bit late! The total amount of donations is 300 euros (about 340 dollars), donated to Save The Children.

As you know I think the right for a “normal” childhood is what can change tomorrow World.

Thank you, Stefano.

Donations From November 2013 To April 2014

Summing what remained on October 2013 (115 $) to the amount collected till April 30, 2013 I have the fabulous total of 807 $ to donate!

Thank you, guys, you’re great!


I donated 300 €, about 408 $, to MSF ( and other 400$ to Save the Children (

Here the documentation about the two transactions. Sorry for the italian labels but I’m confident you can read the numbers :-).

msf stc

Donations From June To October 2013

I’m very happy to say that in only five months I received 700 dollars from you as donations for my plugins.

An I’m happy to share with you that I re-donated 250 euro to Emergency and 250 euro to Medecins Sans Frontieres. 115 dollars remained in the “donations pocket” and will be accounted with the November and December donations for the next time.


Thank you, Stefano.

msf emergency

Donations From January To May 2013

With the launch of Newsletter 3 I received a lot of donations which sum to 648$ from January to May.

Thank you very much!

Today I donated those donations to two NGO (Save The Children and Medecins Sans Frontieres) giving them 277$ (200€) each. The remaining 94$ will be added to the June donations.

The two organizations are mainly involved on give to the children an opportunity where the social conditions are far away to what we would tolerate for our self.

Hoping yo continue along this way, thank you very much to you all!

Donations From July To December 2012

This year I anticipated a little my “donation of donations” I received on second half of 2012. From July to December I collected 250 euro (about 340 dollars) that I donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres.

We all know it’s a little contribution against all those terrible conditions we can meet on poor countries, specially for children who should have an opportunity for a better future, but even the ocean is made of drops.

I want to say Merry Christimas to everyone, with my best wishes for an happy 2013 remembering that happiness is never a personal thing!

Stefano Lissa.