I just finished a plugin for bbPress that sends notification to subscribed users of new replies to a topic. bbPress already does ist, but there is no way to easily customized the message.

The plugin, made on request for Periodo Fertile, lets to:

  1. set the sender name an sender email for notifications
  2. create custom message (HTML or text) with some placeholder to insert the reply URL, author name, reply content and so on
  3. uses the wp_mail() function so is is compatible with email queue plugins
  4. can be easily enabled and disabled and has a test button to test the composed message
  5. has a BCC options to receive the notifications (useful on first period to test keep on eye on it)

Actually it isn’t published anywhere (and some defaults must be added for it to work out-of-the-box. If you’re interested drop me a line with a comment and I’ll find the time to make it available.

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