While I’m still waiting the WordPress approval to publish my Comment Image plugin, I want to share with you a blog where this plugin is used.

The blog is Periodo Fertile (can be translated to “Fertilty Days”) and there is a specific post where future moms can upload the picture of their belly.

Nice, isn’t it?


This is a good way to create a little bit of community around a pure informational site. Then, the blog uses Comment Notifier, so each new photo added with a comment will be notified to previous women left a comment.

To give you another tip about Comment Image usage, few months ago a dramatic hail happened near my house. Tha hail was so strong that car glasses, house roofs, trees was seriously damaged.

That day I received  a couple of photo from a friend of the hail and I published them asking other users to add their. I received other 30 photos and 21000 pageview in few hours (the blog count 3000 page view/day).

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