Comment Image Plugin Real Use Example

While I’m still waiting the WordPress approval to publish my Comment Image plugin, I want to share with you a blog where this plugin is used.

The blog is Periodo Fertile (can be translated to “Fertilty Days”) and there is a specific post where future moms can upload the picture of their belly.

Nice, isn’t it?


This is a good way to create a little bit of community around a pure informational site. Then, the blog uses Comment Notifier, so each new photo added with a comment will be notified to previous women left a comment.


Comment Notifier 2.1.5

This new version has a patch to rightly manage the condition when a logged in user is leaving a comment setting to be notified of news comment on a specific post. This patch solves a 500 error someone is experiencing and let logged in user to be notified.

Comment Notifier 2.1.1

I have just committed the version 2.1.1 of Comment Notifier. A lot of changes have been introduced, so I except one or more bugs to be found.

Things changed are:

  • Now the plugin use the wp_mail() function, so if you want to send mail via SMTP you can istall one of the plugin which let WordPress to use an SMTP service. wp_mail() function is buggy and some documented features I was using did not work… so it take a lot of time to convert to a different usage of that function.
  • Security checks have been added, thank you very much to Philip M. Hofer (Frumph)
  • Unsubscription process has been improved with a “destination page”
  • Admin panel layout has been changed to be more clear