I don’t like to write posts like this one but now Yoast and its WordPress SEO plugin (which I use) are making me very angry.

Today I was updating a number of plugins on my site an I got this warning:


which is licit, both the plugins (Header and Footer and WordPress SEO) can add some open graph meta tags. But inviting to deactivate my plugin, where it’s main work is to add some hand configured code in the header and footer and on top and bottom of posts is TOO MUCH.

The Open Graph feature of Header and Footer is DISABLED by default, and if kept disabled there is not conflict with WordPress SEO. They could suggest to disable it eventually checking if it is enabled.

At least they should contact me to ask for a little collaboration or better take the time to look into my plugin: a note has been added time ago with a specific mention of WordPress SEO, where I’m advising to not use the Open Graph feature if another plugin is dealing with it:

header-footerHeader and Footer has nothing to do with SEO, is made to do different thing and both can live together. As demonstration, I use both on all my blogs and I install both on every blog I create.

Millions of downloads don’t mean you can tell blogger that they should get rid of other plugins!


A user, commenting my post, wrote:

They must not consider your plugin worth the hassle of contacting you.

Of course, but it is worth the hassle to write the code to detect it and inject a notice in the WordPress panel to invite to remove the plugin, spreading doubts and panic to Header and Footer users which have a lot of code and working configuration in my plugin and cannot remove it… producing requests of support to which I need to reply… They should have written: since you’re using Header and Footer remember to deactivate the open graph option since it’s manage by WordPress SEO.

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  1. So what is the situation now? I still get the warning from Yoast, but I notice the whole Facebook tab does not exist on H&F anymore…so is that feature PERMANENTLY disabled now? I just wanted to check it, I figured I could turn it off somehow…I also am very annoyed at those guys. The arrogance of them. I can’t live with H&F …it’s by far the most used, and most necessary plugin I have.

    1. There wasn’t any conflict even in the past if in header and footer the OG setting were disabled. I’ve written different times to yoast, without any answer. Try to write them if possible.

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