Header and Footer With AMP Support

Was time for a review of Header and Footer, the plugin many of you use to inject codes in the head, footer and middle of the posts and pages. The most common injections are: Google Analytics, specially with customizations Facebook Pixel AdSense Verification metatags The new version removes the Open Graph minimal support since that […]

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Clean Up WordPress User Meta Data Table

During a maintenance of a blog, I needed to clean up the user metadata table since many users was deleted from the main user table (wp_users) with a direct query. The quick and dirty solution is to run a “left join delete”. Here the SQL statement:

Easy and really quick (please avoid to clean […]

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MD5 in Java Compatible With PHP md5() Function

The request was to have a Java function generating the same MD5 string generated by PHP when using the md5() function. Here the code snippet:

Please, note the check on the “toString()” result which must be padded with a zero if needed. Have a nice hashing!

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