MD5 in Java Compatible With PHP md5() Function

The request was to have a Java function generating the same MD5 string generated by PHP when using the md5() function. Here the code snippet:

Please, note the check on the “toString()” result which must be padded with a zero if needed. Have a nice hashing!

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Header and Footer 2.0.0

This is a really important Header and Footer release since you will find a new interface, CodeMirror with syntax highlight, better mobile codes management. Hopefully without too many bugs even if it is a major release. The most important new feature is the injection in the middle of the post, or better an engine that […]

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Hyper Cache 3.2.5

The new release introduces a even better integration with Autoptimizer a very smart plugin which optimize your javascript, css and html. Hyper Cache works very well with Autoptimize and used together they boost the blog performances. Hyper Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress aimed to be lite and simple to use. Give it a […]

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